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    "U.S. immigration and nationality law and the federal regulations that implement the law are too complicated and burdensome, and maintenance of proper visa status has become much more serious after the events of September 11, 2001.  Our mission is to lift the burden from our clients and do our best to help them navigate the bureaucratic minefields and achieve their goals.  We encourage our clients to write their members of Congress and let them know that the visa-processing side of Citizenship and Immigration Services needs adequate funding to provide professional training and management to its customers.  Periodic increases in user fees are not the answer.  Huge case backlogs, extensive visa-processing delays, and longer and longer wait times for appointments at U.S. consulates around the world are grave problems that are not being addressed properly.  All of these problems hurt people, families, employers and the U.S. economy and must be addressed in a comprehensive manner."  --  Boyd F. Campbell

    "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." -- Barry Goldwater, former U.S. Senator Air Force general and Republican candidate for president in 1964

    Why the U.S. immigration system is so badly broken.

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About our legal services and economic development resources

  U.S. Visas

    We represent our domestic and international clients in obtaining the skilled workers they need to remain competitive in the global economy and provide legal services with respect to H-1B (nonimmigrant specialty worker), H-3 (nonimmigrant trainee), L-1 (nonimmigrant intracompany transferee), E-1 (nonimmigrant treaty trader), E-2 (nonimmigrant treaty investor) visas, and permanent resident visas ("green cards") for skilled workers and professionals.  We also assist individuals with family immigration matters -- including immigrant visa petitions for immediate relatives -- and with fiance visas for U.S. citizens who wish to marry a foreign national who is overseas.

  America's Center for Foreign Investment

    America's Center for Foreign Investment (ACFI), an Alabama limited liability company, was established on July 5, 2006, to be designated as a regional center by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the purpose of allowing foreign investors to invest the lower threshold amount of $500,000 in a targeted area of employment or a rural area, and to help these foreign investors qualify for EB-5 immigrant investor visas.  It was the 17th regional center approved by USCIS.  ACFI provides EB-5 compliance consulting services to support foreign investors in removal of conditions on residence in connection with this investor visa program.  The geographic area covered by ACFI includes all of the counties in Alabama and Tennessee, and large areas of Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi.  ACFI is the largest regional center in the United States and is approved for a variety of industries and economic clusters.  

  Civil Law Notarial Services

    Mr. Campbell is a civil law notary (also called a "Latin notary") appointed by the Alabama Secretary of State in August, 2001.  He is available to authenticate legal documents and business transactions, advise the parties to a transaction, and serve as legal counsel.  Currently, only Alabama and Florida have passed legislation to enable their respective secretaries of state to appoint lawyers to these lifetime positions of public trust.  Mr. Campbell serves as a director of the Alabama Association of Civil Law Notaries and the National Association of Civil Law Notaries and is active in efforts to promote the passage of civil law notarial legislation in other states.

  Registered Office

    We can serve as your registered office for your domestic business organization in the United States (Alabama only).

  Business Organizations

    We can help you organize your business in the United States and establish it in accordance with state and U.S. law.  We can also help you locate support services for your new U.S. business or U.S. subsidiary.

  U.S. Banking

    We can provide you with U.S. banking information and introductions to key economic development organizations in the United States and in Alabama.

  Support Services and Economic Development Recommendations

    We provide start to finish U.S. visa services in representing our clients, and urge our overseas clients to engage legal counsel to handle movement of funds and employees to the United States as early in the process as possible.  We can help you locate a site for your business and find the skilled labor youneed.  We advise our clients regarding a whole host of issues including

    U.S. visa eligibility
    Travel plans and corporate moves
    Labor certification and prevailing wage determinations
    Interaction with U.S. consular officers overseas
    Establishment of trading companies and U.S. subsidiaries of overseas parent corporations
    Language translation and interpretation services
    Accounting services
    Banking transactions and wire transfers

    The list goes on.  We have helped many businesses in the southeastern United States project their business plans overseas, what someone once said is "going international".  If you are interested in establishing your business in the Alabama, you are invited to visit the web sites of the following helpful organizations:

Alabama Center for Foreign Investment
Alabama Association of Regional Councils
Alabama Development Office
Alabama Electric Cooperative
City of Auburn - Economic Development
Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance
Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
Butler County Commission for Economic Development
Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce
Crenshaw County Economic Development Authority
Cullman Economic Development Agency
Cummings Research Park (Huntsville)
DeKalb County Economic Development Authority
Demopolis Industrial Development Board
Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development Association of Alabama
Economic Development Partnership for Alabama
Elmore County Economic Development Authority
Franklin County Development Authority
Gadsden Chamber of Commerce
Gadsden-Etowah County Industrial Development Authority
Guin Industrial Development Board
Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Jackson County Economic Development Authority
Jefferson County Development Authority
Jetplex Industrial Park (Huntsville)
Lawrence County Economic Development Board
Limestone County Economic Development Association
Marshall County Economic Development Council
Mobile Chamber of Commerce
Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce
Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce
Morgan County Economic Development Association
North Alabama Industrial Development Association
Pike County Chamber of Commerce
Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce
Selma & Dallas County Economic Development Authority
Shelby County Economic & Development Authority
Shoals Chamber of Commerce (Colbert, Lauderdale counties)
Shoals Economic Development Authority
South Alabama Electric Cooperative
Talladega County Economic Development Authority
Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority
West Alabama Chamber of Commerce
Wilcox County State Enterprise Zone

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