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Why your immigration lawyer's membership in AILA is important

By Boyd F. Campbell
Attorney at Law and Civil Law Notary

    The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is the leading organization of immigration lawyers in the United States and is affiliated with the American Bar Association.  By choosing a member of AILA to represent you in an immigration or visa matter, you may not get the best lawyer to handle your legal matter, but you can be assured that AILA members try to keep up with fast-changing immigration laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
    AILA was established "to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members.  In pursuing its goals, AILA members and AILA's professional staff seek to:

     Increase member participation in advocacy before Congress, the Judiciary, federal agencies, and the media, for the immigration-related interests of our clients and society.
     Enhance the litigation capabilities of the membership as an important option to ensure the just administration of our immigration laws.
     Educate the public about the ways in which U.S. immigration law and policy serves the national interest by reuniting American families, protecting refugees, and providing U.S. employers with the specialized skills they need to remain globally competitive.
     Enhance respect for immigration law, and professional recognition of immigration lawyers, by government, the bar, and society.
     Increase the level of knowledge and professionalism, and foster the professional responsibility, of our members.
     Advance the protection of the public by promoting consumer protection and authorized representation.
     Promote and support delivery of competent, ethical, and lawful immigration services by lawyers, authorized accredited representatives, and pro bono programs.
     Assist members in effectively and competently pursuing their law practice and enhancing their professional satisfaction.
     Encourage and facilitate member participation in, and support for, pro bono services and programs.

    Lawyers who dabble in immigration law should take note.  I have been practicing immigration and nationality law for a long time.  I make many case referrals because I receive telephone calls and emails from people all over the United States and around the world and can't help everyone.  I make case referrals only to members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Special adoption alert from Boyd F. Campbell

    I have received a rash of telephone calls recently from all over the United States and from some foreign countries about the activities of unlicensed adoption "facilitators."  The calls concern primarily adoptions in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Romania, and Russia.  Consular officers at foreign service consular posts are telling U.S. citizen parents that they cannot adopt infants because their cases were improperly prepared, there is insufficient proof of the identity of the birthparents and child, the unlicensed adoption facilitator has paid a bribe to a birthmother or to an orphanage, and a variety of other reasons for denying adoption petitions and not allowing adopted children out of the country to come to the United States.
    I have received literally dozens and dozens of calls from distraught, anguished and, yes, angry U.S. citizens who are, in many cases, stuck in foreign countries with no way to bring their adopted children home.
    Let me say again:  International adoption is complicated and there are many fine, experienced, licensed child-placing agencies in the United States upon whom you can rely with great confidence.  You can even call me for a recommendation.  But there are also a great many unlicensed adoption "facilitators" out there, both in the United States and in foreign countries, and they will hurt you and your adopted child and cause you untold suffering.  These unlicensed "facilitators" have sniffed out the gravy train and are charging fees of $20,000, $30,000 -- as much as $50,000 -- to help you adopt an infant overseas.
    Please, the guidance still holds.  It pays to put professionals on your team, whether it is a licensed child-placing agency, or a licensed attorney who has experience in handling international adoptions.
    Please don't be foolish.  I don't want to receive your call and sad tale about how an unlicensed adoption "facilitator" took your money and left you high and dry in Ho Chi Minh City.

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